About Tricia

It always seems tricky to write a “bio”. I type, correct, erase, re-type, reword, bang my head on the desk and start again. None of it seems “right”. It would be easier to invite you over, make you a coffee, and sit at my table and chit-chat. That’s how I want you to get to know me. I hope we can do that one day.

For now let’s pretend we are in my kitchen. I’ll make you a coffee with one of my favourite Keurig flavours (which is Donut House or Starbucks Blonde). The table is probably covered with some model paint because the kids got a little crazy with the crafts and, if you know me well my hair is probably in a ponytail, I am in my sweat pants, the phone will ring, and possibly a knock at the door.

I am a mother of two very beautiful, and very opposite little girls. Avalyn is 9. She’s neat, very analytical, and highly emotional (she gets that from me). She loves gymnastics, soccer and top 40 music. She is very dainty and loves pretend play in her mini kitchen set. Makayla is 12. She is disorganized and a little bit of a clutter bug (also from me, lol). Makalya loves science, anthropology, and is the MacGyver of crafts. Give that girl a paper clip, toilet paper tubes, paint and pipe cleaner and she can make you something amazing.

I am incredibly fortunate to have such incredible children. I learn something new from them everyday.  I have laughed more, loved harder, believed I can do more than I ever though possible. Between work, juggling child activities, meal planning, house work, financial obligations and  nurturing the relationship the children and I, life can get busy busy.  The goal is to provide my children with an example of a good relationship, to give them an idea of what to look for in, and what to offer a partner when they are ready to create an adult future and build families of their own. I want them to be confident in themselves, to be aware of their strengths and use those to work through any the ups and downs that life may throw at them.

I am one half of Tricia & Amy. Amy and I met at wedding workshop in the fall of 2011, we very quickly became inseparable friends that felt like sisters. I feel as though she is just as much part of my family as anyone else. Although we do run a business together and that is a lot of our conversations, it is one of the smallest reasons we have a relationship. She is one of those people that looks out for my best interests, and can provide guidance when sometimes I have to make difficult choices in life. Such as moving to St Albert. Our ease of getting together went from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. Our daily coffee breaks turned to daily text. Amy is my best friend, I trust her with both business and my family well being. I find comfort in having a business with such a good friend and like minded photographer. Our favourite things to shoot are quite opposite, that has given me the opportunity to learn more about what she likes to shoot while I fine tune and move forward with the things I like to shoot. This creates a well rounded list of services to offer our potential clients. Maybe you’ll be one of them.

(Amy & I clearly need to be in more photos together, otherwise I’d have more than iPhone selfies *hangs head*)

Here is my other support system. My Mom, sister  Candace, and my 14 years younger but six inches taller brother Dylan. Obviously missing from the photo is my Dad. My Dad was killed in a car accident on Remembrance Day in ’94. It is an absolutely difficult day even after all of these years. The loss of a parent at such at a young age impacted me far more than I ever thought imaginable. It affects my day to day life, even now. My personal goal is to be in more photos. I have one family photo that I cling onto desperately that is my Mom, Dad and I when I was about 7. It is one of my most valued pictures of with my Dad.

I am the partner and mother I am partly because of loss my father. I want to spend as much time with my family as I possibly can. I want my girls to grow up strong, confident and knowing that they can do anything because they have a strong support system. If the unimaginable happens to anyone of us I want the memories in our hearts to be enough to carry us through a lifetime.


Now on to me….

My journey as a photographer started very similar to many others out there. I was sitting at the table and thought being a photographer would be so much fun, I could do this, I COULD DO THIS!! Within days I was off to buy my first DSLR, registered for some classes and absorbed everything I could from magazines, books, websites, classes and got to work. While I am a Nikon girl at heart, I did have a 6 month love affair with Canon, and then switched back. I just couldn’t get use to the feel of it, or focus and recompose.

7 years later, lots of practice, courses and workshops, a large sum of money in equipment and training. I am writing my introduction you…

I am Tricia Moskal, a natural and studio light photographer living in St Albert, with a commercial studio in Leduc. My style is relaxed and laid back. I love clean simple photos. This usually means a solid coloured background, with minimal props. It is about you, your child or the baby bump. I don’t mind climbing a tree or laying in the dirt to get the perfect shot. I want your session to be fun, enjoyable, and want your kids to leave sad that the play time is over. At the end of the session I want you to feel like you’ve met a new friend.

I will be taking limited clients to ensure that I can offer a personal, high quality, exceptional experience to each and every client that comes to meet me.

I am a photographer, partner, mother, sister and friend. These things keep me pretty busy so limiting the amount of sessions I offer I can be better at each one of those jobs. So come by,  I’ll be sure to make you a cup of coffee and you can see if I am the right photographer for you and your family.

Tricia Moskal
triciaandamy@gmail.com. Email is usually the fastest way to get ahold of me. I am BRUTAL with voicemail. I am an email, text, fb, face to face person. Phone? not so much.


Below are a few photos of my family, hopefully this puts a face to the stories I will tell about them.